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 Chappell & Chappell Consulting and Mediation Professionals, LLC

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At Chappell & Chappell Consulting and Mediation Professionals, LLC, we offer a wide range of services designed to provide value to our clients and promote positive customer relationships. Our extensive leadership experience and education in business, analytics, management, business law, negotiation, and conflict resolution provides our team with a strong foundation to offer expertise in consulting and mediation.  Our deep understanding of these disciplines equips us with skills to analyze complex business challenges, pair individuals with legal expertise, and effectively mediate conflicts, making us a valuable resource for clients seeking guidance and resolution in these areas.  Our goal is to provide a neutral third-party perspective to resolve disputes and find mutually beneficial solutions.  We offer personalized guidance and support based on our industry expertise, saving clients time and money by avoiding legal battles, and building long-term relationships based on trust and commitment. We prioritize building customer relationships by providing personalized attention, demonstrating expertise, regularly communicating, serving you in a timely and responsive manner, and maintaining professionalism and integrity. Ultimately, we strive to contribute our expertise towards negotiation, conflict resolution, improved communication, cost-effectiveness, time efficiency, and increased understanding of the complex world of business, negotiation and conflict resolution. 

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